Naturally Inspired

Natural products are a rich source of biologically active small molecules
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Optimized Production

An engineered host platform, capable of immediate scale-up
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Replacing stacks of petri dishes with cloud computing
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Building upon nature's legacy

>99% of earth’s biodiversity has not been studied using traditional techniques.


Natural selection

Natural product small molecules and proteins have undergone millions of years of selection toward biological activity.


Accessing nature's untapped resources

By combining large-scale data analysis and engineering-biology, we can access all of nature’s genetic diversity

Radiant Genomics and Dow Agro Sciences expand research and development collaboration.

Radiant Genomics awarded NIH grant to expand gene discovery platform

Radiant Genomics awarded NIGMS grant to address nosocomial infectious diseases

Radiant Genomics awarded NIA grant to expand natural product chemical diversity around metabolic modulators.