Our Team






Jeffrey Kim, Ph.D. – Co-Founder
Jeff studied molecular biology at Princeton University and completed his Ph.D. research at Rockefeller University where he helped develop state-of-the-art methods for natural product discovery from environmental sources. His experience in both academic and industrial small molecule discovery and process optimization is critical for Radiant’s platform. Jeff is a co-inventor of Radiant Genomics’ core technologies.


Oliver Liu, Ph.D. – Co-Founder
Oliver graduated with a degree in molecular biology from Harvard University and completed his Ph.D research at UCSF, where he studied fungal pathogenesis. This expertise comprises a key component of Radiant Genomics’ screening and assay pipeline. He pursued his post-doctoral research at Stanford where he gained expertise that is crucial for our efforts to develop anti-helminth therapeutics. Oliver is a co-inventor of Radiant Genomics’ core technologies.


Scientific Advisory Board 






Dr. Trent Northen – Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Dr. Northen is a pioneer in ultra-high throughput mass spectrometry and has developed breakthrough systems for large-scale metabolomics data acquisition and analysis. Dr. Northen’s research and technology platform is poised to make a profound impact on drug discovery, development, and screening efforts. Trent is not only a key scientific advisor but is also an active collaborator with Radiant’s research team.







Dr. Jay Keasling – UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Joint Bioenergy Institute, Department of Energy

Dr. Keasling has extensive experience with identifying, engineering, and developing heterologous biosynthetic pathways for the production of natural products. His research inspired much of Radiant’s core development efforts and Jay remains an instrumental player in the bio-based manufacturing economy through his interactions with multiple biotechnology start-ups and large energy research institutes.







Dr. Brian Kennedy – CEO Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Dr. Kennedy is CEO of the world’s leading research institute dedicated to age-related diseases, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging. His research has identified numerous compounds which ameliorate the impact of age-related disease and he helps to inform hit-to-lead compound development at Radiant Genomics.








Dr. Roger Linington – Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry UC Santa Cruz

Dr. Linington is a leading expert in natural product isolation and high throughput mechanism-of-action deconvolution. His automated workflows for hit dereplication help to address a costly step in hit-to-lead identification and development. His input is helping to shape Radiant’s portfolio of initial lead compounds to address disease areas including infectious and neglected diseases.