Job Snapshot
Location: Emeryville, CA
Job Type: Full-time
Education: Bachelor’s, M.S.\Bootcamp Certification
Experience: 2+ years

JUNIOR BIOINFORMATICS/SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING Built upon the belief that nature is the world’s most powerful medicinal chemist and enzyme engineer, Radiant is deploying state-of-the-art technologies to access genetic diversity that is currently hidden in unexplored environments. We are building a search engine for the world’s genes and building infrastructure to deliver them to end-customers in diverse markets. Historically, drug discovery is a slow, cumbersome, expensive endeavor, requiring massive departments at large pharmaceutical companies. At Radiant Genomics, we are building a proprietary “genomic search engine,” to accelerate this discovery process by taking advantage of advances in next generation sequencing and informatics. Think: racks of computers at the speed of computation vs. stacks of petri dishes over the course of decades.

Job Description: You will be responsible for developing data processing pipelines in support of large-scale gene discovery. Familiarity with molecular biology principles or a related discipline is recommended but can be taught. Experience with basic programming is recommended (please see the list of recommended languages). Candidate must show the capacity to learn quickly, drive projects independently and to work in team settings. Excellent communication skills are required. Candidate must be willing to work on site with the central team.

Responsibilities include: Developing and maintaining gene search workflows in a linux environment Collaborating and working across molecular biology and informatics teams to develop simple data processing scripts Planning and management of multiple projects / workflows

Minimum Requirements: 2 + years relevant work experience developing command line software.
Introductory knowledge of amazon web services and web-app development pipelines
bash, Python, basic linux administration knowledge required
database knowledge recommended (mongodb, mysql, postgres)
basic knowledge of gene search algorithms, statistics, and sequence assembly is recommended

Excellent communication skills Able to work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary environment to accomplish program and company goals. Will only accept job applications from candidates who are properly documented with authorization to work in the United States.

Candidates will undergo basic coding/testing review prior to more in depth interviews