Soil Metagenomics

The Challenge

A handful of soil contains more microorganisms than there are stars in our galaxy. The majority of them have never been successfully cultured or studied in a laboratory setting. How do we gain access to the value encoded by these organisms if they can’t be easily grown? There is undoubtedly tremendous value encoded by uncultivated organisms, the challenge is gaining efficient access to them.

The Solution

Advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), algorithms, and scalable computing allow us to sift through the genomes of billions of organisms in milliseconds, circumventing cultivation barriers and creating a “search engine” for products. By combining these advances with a world-class strain engineering platform, we tap into unstudied pools of genetic diversity, discovering tomorrow’s products and therapeutics in months vs. decades.

Enabling New Discoveries

With Breakthrough Data Quality

Bases per Sample (in billions)

Full Natural Product Clusters (in thousands)

Non-Redundant Genes (in millions)

Delivered Products (in days)

Accelerate Your Discovery


Enzyme Variant Engine

A High Performance search engine for genes\enzymes. Build your directed evolution campaigns with superior starting points.

Natural Product Engine

Reduce the time to discover natural product lead compounds from decades to months.


Private Collections

Contact us for focused microbiome collections, built and analyzed using our platform capabilities.

  • Access to Biodiversity 100%
  • Reduce time to Lead 90%
  • Increased Rate of Success 90%

Data-driven Project Design

De-risk your discovery projects by determining the likelihood of success instantly. Real-time data analysis and ingestion pipelines continue to add value to your projects over time.